Fix Your Home for Free

Schedule a warranty inspection in Porter & New Caney, TX

Once you get settled in your new home, you may find that it needs repairs. Hire Thunderbolt Home Inspection to find out which areas of your home need some TLC. As long as your home is under warranty, your builder can resolve any issues for FREE. We will locate deficiencies so you can inform your builder that YOU expect them to bring YOUR home up to YOUR dreams.

Keep your home in top condition

Keep your home in top condition

The Thunderbolt Home Inspection team can examine your home annually and give you a detailed report of our findings. This way, you will be able to:

  • Resolve minor issues before they become costly problems
  • Stay informed about the condition of your home
  • Take care of recurring problems
  • Know about any structural, electrical or safety issues.

Maintain your home and property value. Contact us today to learn more about maintenance inspections in Porter & New Caney, TX and surrounding areas.